*Day of Action *December 6th* #RiseUpNY

Join Us December 6th ** 5PM Times Square

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Last week, workers in fast food restaurants across New York City made history when more than 200 stood up to their employers and said they weren’t going to be treated with disrespect anymore.

And they are not alone. Across the city, workers at car washes, grocery stores, airports, and other industries are standing up for better wages and for respect at work. Meanwhile, hundreds of everyday New Yorkers have come together to demand Congress end tax cuts favoring the wealthiest 2% over the middle class and the working poor.

On July 24th, 6,000 of us gathered in Union Square to support workers at car washes, at Con Edison, at grocery stores, at fast food locations and other workplaces to kick off the Workers Rising movement and show solidarity for workers in their fights for contracts, better pay and conditions.

On Thursday December 6th, we’re coming back in force to tell the 1% that we are not okay with having the worse economic inequality since the Great Depression. We are telling Washington we won’t stand for policies that prioritize tax cuts for millionaires over funding programs that working families rely on. And we are joining with workers who are struggling to let them know that we’ve got their back.

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